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Marxists (which are different from socialists and communists!) have come up with some important ideas about how we associate with one another.

Here is one about capitalism and our current economic crisis, from David Harvey.


And here is an idea calling charity into question, among other things, from Slavoj Zizek.

Some people, ideas, and terms from Monday’s lecture on politics

Why do we read, memorize, and create poetry in a philosophy class?

Maybe this is why.

Sign up HERE for the oral exam!


Two rules:

Don’t create a brand-new timeslot; sign up only for the timeslots given.

Don’t delete someone else’s name and steal their timeslot!


Oral exam guide coming soon! (Waking life–Before Sunrise scene)

A clip from Solaris (Tarkovsky version, 1972).

If you click the link beside the term, slides corresponding to it will appear!  These correspond to your in-class presentations.

Philosophy of mind and psychology (1:00) (2:30)

The mind/body problem (1:00) (2:30)

physicalism (1:00) (2:30)

dualism (1:00) (2:30)

criticisms of dualism (1:00) (2:30)

dualism without interaction (1:00) (2:30)

type identity theory (1:00) (2:30)

criticisms of type-identity theory (1:00) (2:30)

behaviourism (1:00) (2:30)

criticisms of behaviorism (1:00) (2:30)

zombies, the problem of other minds, and Law chapter 8 (1:00) (2:30)

the argument from analogy (1:00) (2:30)

Law chapter 6 (1:00) (2:30)

Law chapter 13 (1:00) (2:30)

By this point in the semester you should have written at least six entries in your curiosity journal.

1. What is your  greatest fear?

2. Your choice! 

3. Respond to “Changing Education Paradigms.”

4. Your choice!

5. What does it mean to love someone?

6. Your choice!  (Suggestion: use the scenarios handed out in class.)

Remember, you do not just have to write essays–for the journals that are your choice, you may write poetry or fiction, draw pictures, etc etc etc!