As a reminder, on Wednesday, 10/24, your group will present on its utopia/dystopia in class.

In your presentation, please:

1. Introduce the idea, i.e. “IMAGINE a world where…”

2. DESCRIBE your fictional world, characterized by its “what-if” question.

3. CONTEXTUALIZE your fictional world in relation to an existing utopian or dystopian work (such as 1984, Plato’s Republic, Utopia, the Hunger Games, Herland, Gattaca, etc.)

4. SUMMARIZE your representation of your fictional world.  Your representation is the short story, short film, or graphic novel that you have created to represent your world.

5. CONCLUDE by reflecting on the main point you are trying to make with your fictional world and summarizing the main idea of your utopia/dystopia.  End with confidence, and ask us if we have any questions!