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Hi all!  I’m enjoying the oral exams this week.  Please note that the summary (deliverable #2) in the utopia project will be due at 11:59 PM Monday, March 4.  This means that we will meet as a class before it is due.  Good luck to everyone who has yet to sit their oral exam!


I hope everyone had a wonderful Presidents’ Day! Bring your questions and your resources to class tomorrow (Wednesday). We’ll spend some time in class reviewing in small groups in preparation for the oral exam.

Hi everyone!

Here is the sign-up sheet for the oral exam!

You can sign up by simply typing your name next to the timeslot you want.

There are a few rules.  Please follow them.

1. Sign up for one spot and one spot only.  If you change your mind, sign up for a new blank timeslot and remove your name from your old one.

2. Don’t steal someone else’s spot by deleting their name and typing yours in instead. If someone else has gotten to the timeslot you wanted before you did, that’s too bad, there are plenty of other timeslots available.  If you really need a specific timeslot, sign up early!

3. Don’t create new timeslots!  If you’re late to the party and you don’t find a timeslot you like, the solution is NOT to randomly create a new timeslot!

4. Don’t delete the breaks!  It’s to everyone’s benefit to have a happier professor grading your oral exams, and losing my built-in breaks will make me less happy.

Any questions, send me an email.  Happy signing up!

More readings for this week!  Please read  Plato’s Republic  by Wednesday.

Extra credit:
Watch (or rewatch) either Being John Malkovitch or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Both are available on Netflix streaming. (Note: both films have racy moments and are rated R–this is entirely an optional exercise.)

What does the film you watched contribute to our discussion on mind? How would the filmmaker answer the question “What is a mind?” Make a comment on this post OF AT LEAST TWO PARAGRAPHS answering these questions, and you will earn extra credit!

Here are the guidelines for the first oral exam.
And here are the guidelines for the utopia project.

We’ll talk about these in class this coming week.