Hello!  Here are the deadlines as we roll into the final weeks of the semester!

Today: more presentations!

Friday, 4/26: Deadline to submit your requests for Total Request Philosophy day (5/1).  What philosophical ideas do you want to discuss?  Email me!

Monday, 4/29: Meet in E-230 for a work day.  Bring something for peer review–either a draft of your final project or an at least 50% completed e-portfolio.

Friday, 5/3, at 11:59 PM: Deadline to submit the extra credit project–submit it by email.

Friday, 5/3: Deadline to submit your e-portfolio for the e-portfolio contest (win $100, or even $250!)

5/6 and 5/8: Final presentations!

Wednesday, 5/8 at 6:00 PM: Email me your final projects!

Friday, 5/10 at 11:59 PM: Email me the URL of your final e-portfolio!  Make sure you have published EVERYTHING.