Today, in class, participants in the class introduced themselves and briefly talked about a quote, song lyric, proverb, etc. that they believe gets at the question, “What is the most important thing in life?” or “What makes life worth living?”

Then we watched “Changing Education Paradigms” by Sir Ken Robinson.

BEFORE WEDNESDAY, you are asked to do your second Curiosity Journal exercise.  In this journal entry, please simply respond to the ideas in “Changing Education Paradigms,” then email your response to three classmates and CC your professor on that email.  Don’t forget to print this entry out and put it in your physical curiosity journal, too.
Next time, we will talk more about right and wrong–be ready for Wednesday!  Please note that there are readings assigned in Warburton and Law both (consult the syllabus for the exact chapters).  If you would like to have an interesting discussion on Wednesday, please do the reading!