On Monday, each outreach project group should deliver a 5-10 minute presentation in which you introduce yourselves, describe the project (show evidence of it if you’ve got it!), and in which each member reflects on the project and what they learned in the project.

On Monday by 11:59 PM, please submit your “Outreach project” section of your eportfolio, both in Digication and via email to me.  As we discussed in class, the outreach project is your opportunity to persuade your reader (me!) of your learning in this project.  You should show evidence of the project’s progress and reflect on what you learned.  The eportfolio lab in E-building is available for help in the technical questions of the eportfolio.

On next Wednesday, we’ll discuss Art and Aesthetics!  Please make sure you read the Tolstoy and Wilde handouts you picked up in class yesterday in advance of Wednesday’s class.