Things we are doing from now to the end of the semester:

Today: Oral exam review!  Bring your brains (and your minds)!

Next week: Oral exams!  No class!  Sign up using the spreadsheet!

The following week (11/25 and 11/27): 2-minute presentations on your final projects in progress!

Happy Thanksgiving! (11/28)

By Friday, 11/29, at 11:59 PM: Email Prof. Poole your requests for “Total philosophy request day”–we learn about concepts or questions in philosophy YOU want to learn about.

By Sunday, 12/1 at 11:59 PM: SUBMIT your draft of your portfolio in the assignment in Digication.

Monday, 12/2: Portfolio peer review and work day!

Wednesday, 12/4: Total philosophy request day!

12/9 and 12/11: Present your final projects!

Submit your final project by Wednesday, 12/11 at 11:59 PM, via email.

Submit your final e-portfolio by Monday, 12/16 at 11:59 PM, both via email and on Digication.