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Today in class, we’re going to hear each member of the class introduce himself or herself and share a quotation that gets at the question, “What makes life worth living?”

If we have time, we’ll think together a little bit about education itself and watch this video

On Monday next week, we’ll talk about right and wrong–the challenge of moral philosophy.  BEFORE CLASS, please read the chapters associated with right and wrong listed on the syllabus.  (You can find the syllabus in an earlier post.)  This will inform your participation in our class activities that day.  Come ready to discuss and debate!

On Wednesday next week, we’ll think about philosophy of mind.  Please read the mind chapters listed on the syllabus in advance of Wednesday’s class along with the handouts posted in an earlier post, “Where am I” and “Meditations.”  Come ready to work with your mind in many different ways!




Please read these in addition to the assigned chapters for Monday.  Handouts of the following documents will be distributed in class on Wednesday.  You can read them electronically or in dead-tree format, whatever works best for you.

Where Am I, by Daniel C. Dennett

Selections from Meditations, by Rene Descartes (PDF pages 21-31 on this PDF)

Thanks for a great class today!

Welcome!  This is the blog for PHL-101 as taught by Monica Poole this semester at BHCC.  Earlier posts on this blog do not apply to you if you’re taking the class in the spring 2014 semester.

Here’s the syllabus.  Thanks to the snow day, we’ve had to adjust the first couple of weeks, so please consult this electronic syllabus for the readings.

Looking forward to a great, engaged, curious, awesome semester!