Today in class, we’re going to look at philosophy of mind.  My plan is for us to take apart the Descartes reading, consider the idea of qualia, read Borges and I, look at Searle’s Chinese Room Experiment and artificial intelligence, and meditate to explore the workings of our own individual minds.  Hopefully we’ll get to do all of this!

I want to share with you the handout for the upcoming Outreach Project, a group project, as well.  Start thinking about who you would like to have in your group.  We’ll discuss this more in class; the day to actually form groups will be next Wednesday.

I’ll be distributing a handout in class today that I had planned to distribute last Wednesday.  Please read this handout, a selection from John Rawls on civil disobedience, by this Wednesday.  If you’re not in class today, you can pick it up in my office during my office hours–or, if you send me an email and ask, I’ll leave a copy on my visitor’s chair for you.