Hello!  Today in class, we’ll work together to learn about political philosophy.  I’m going to do a mini-lecture covering concepts I think are important that the book doesn’t really cover (or doesn’t cover enough). So, if you’re reading this and you missed today’s class, please get in touch with a classmate and borrow their notes–this stuff is fair game for the exam, along with textbook readings, handouts, web links, anything else discussed in class, etc. Then we’ll work in small groups to take apart the Rawls reading on civil disobedience.  We’ll also make a little time today for questions about the outreach project.

Remember, we won’t have class on Monday because it’s a holiday.  On Wednesday of next week, we’ll meet to review for the oral exam.  Don’t forget to sign up for the oral exam SOON, using the spreadsheet linked in an earlier post.  I hope you’re working on memorizing your literature passage, identifying key terms to study, and learning the key terms you’ve identified.  On review day, I’ll facilitate various ways for you to study and review and practice the exam with your peers.

Here’s another resource for civil disobedience–don’t worry about reading this before class, it’s just a good resource to enhance your learning.  It’s especially helpful if you missed today’s class–it definitely cannot replace what we’ll do in class, but it will help.