Today, we’re going to do two main things in class.

1. We’re going to work together to review for the oral exam. Overwhelmingly, the results of the suggestion form indicated that you want to practice key terms.  So I’ve planned an activity that will hopefully combine fun with reviewing key terms.  Hopefully. 

2. We’re going to take some time for you to form teams of 3-4 people for the Outreach Project.  Think about whom you might like to work with, and talk to them in class today.  Everybody needs to be on a team.  Remember, by this Friday at 11:59 PM, I need to receive an email from ONE member of each team, CCing all other members, where the text of the email is the names and emails of all members of the team.  If you like, you can also come up with a team name.  After Friday, there is no switching teams, so choose wisely.  If you aren’t able to come to class today, please be in touch with your classmates to join a team!