Thanks to those of you who have already done your oral exams!  I’ve enjoyed the philosophical conversations we have had so far, and I’m looking forward to more!

For those of you who are getting ready to take the exam, good luck!  The current score to beat is a 90–will you be the one to top that?  [EDIT: someone did!  The high score of the first oral exam was a 98, and more than one person earned that score.]

Everybody: don’t forget to come to class Monday ready to talk about ideas in theology and the existence of God, having done the readings noted on the syllabus.  And make sure you’re coordinating with your outreach project groups!  On Wednesday of next week, each group will pitch its proposed project to the class, identifying the philosophical question (generally a chapter in The Philosophy Gym) they are taking on, the population they want to reach, and their strategy for engaging that population in contemplating their question.  I’m looking forward to hearing well-thought-out, creative pitches!