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Welcome back from spring break!

Tomorrow in class we will talk about the final project.  I’ll have hard copies of this guidelines handout available in class.  The first deliverable, the proposal, is due 4/2, so start thinking about what you might like to do!  This project is a great opportunity for you to investigate a topic you are excited or curious about–enjoy it!


Pick a Color (from class today)

For extra credit: make a substantive comment on this post reflecting on Pick a Color and how it relates to the Problem of Evil.  Don’t forget to sign your first name and last initial so I know who you are!  Do this before we meet again as a class in order to earn credit.

Send me your outreach project proposals please.  This is in your best interest–the sooner you send me the proposals, the sooner you get comments back!  Groups often have an opportunity to improve their projects after they send in their proposals, so it is to your advantage to send it in soon.

On Monday, we will meet in E-230, the e-portfolio lab.  Please be on time!

On Wednesday, we will meet in our usual classroom. We will discuss the problem of evil. I made a handout available to everyone last class.  The handout was titled “Theological Explanations”.  Please read it by Wednesday’s class–the plan is that we will look deeply into the ideas in it in a group work exercise, and connect it to another idea and a short reading which I will distribute during Wednesday’s class.