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All of the on-time (and some of the late) outreach projects have been graded, and comments and grades have been returned to each of you by email!  Thank you for your hard work on this project, and thank you for your patience in waiting to receive my responses to your hard work!


The BHCC login page for Digication is back up!  Hurray!  Grading of the outreach projects will recommence.

We have a new deadline for the final project!  The new deadline is FRIDAY, May 9th, at 11:59 PM.

With an extra two days, I am hoping to see extra extra awesome projects!

The BHCC login page for Digication is down.

15 outreach projects to go, I sit down at my computer on a lovely overcast Sunday–perfect for grading and commenting!–and I go to to log in to continue evaluating outreach projects, and I click the login button, and it says:


Service Unavailable

HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

Insert angry emoticon here.

I know some of you are probably working on your e-portfolios today too, so I wanted to assure you, it’s not just your computer or internet connection or login credentials!  I hope they fix whatever is wrong soon!  I’ll keep you updated on here.

Another extra credit project, this time on moral philosophy


Cases for Right and Wrong

Hi!  Today we have class.  We’ll hear presentations on the final project in progress. This is sort of a status update.  You’ll tell the class about your project and what you’ve been doing to develop your project, in about 1-2 minutes.  Then, your classmates and I will give you feedback.  We’ll do this today and Monday.  Please come prepared to discuss your final project, and to give your peers good feedback!

This week, we have oral exams.  As a result, we have no class.  Good luck on the exam!

Next week, our class will not meet on Monday due to the Patriots’ Day holiday.  Enjoy the time off–maybe use it to do the extra credit option on the Tolstoy questions handout!

AT OUR VERY NEXT CLASS, on Wednesday, 4/23, please be ready to present on your final project in progress.  Here’s the information from the final project guidelines handout:


Wednesday and Monday, 4/23 and 4/28, in class. You will tell the class about your project in a well-structured, 1-2 minute (ABSOLUTELY NO LONGER) oral presentation.  NO SLIDES ALLOWED! Then, you will receive feedback from the participants in the class.

That pretty much says it.  🙂

The oral exams are off to a good start!  Remember, we don’t have class today or Wednesday; instead, we have oral exams.

It looks like nearly all the timeslots for Wednesday and Thursday are occupied now, so if you haven’t signed up, please do so ASAP!  If you are seeing this and you haven’t signed up for a timeslot and the existing timeslots are not possible given other constraints in your schedule, email me and explain your situation and maybe we can work something out.  No promises, but it’s always better to ask–the worst thing I can say is “No”, and then you’re no worse off than you were before you asked!

Remember how, when we visited the e-portfolio lab, I mentioned that there was an e-portfolio contest coming up?  And how a Philosophy 101 student won the grand prize last spring? 

The directors of LifeMap and e-portfolio sent me an email describing the contest for this year.  There are several categories in which one may submit a portfolio–they’re described on the contest website in more detail.

The deadline to submit a portfolio to the contest is May 12, 2014.  This is convenient, as it’s the day after portfolios are due in our course, so your portfolio will already be complete by that date–you won’t need to plan to do anything earlier than you already would. 

OK, you say.  But what’s the prize?  According to the website:  $100 prizes will be awarded to the students who demonstrate excellence in each of the categories, $250 grand prize will be awarded to the student who is selected as “Best in Show”.

Pretty good, if you ask me.

Here’s the contest website for more information:

TL;DR: Enter the BHCC e-portfolio contest and win up to $250.  Philosophy 101 portfolios seem to do pretty well in the contest.  Deadline is May 12.  Go here to find out more:

Don’t forget! The History and Social Sciences Department (of which philosophy and religion are a part) will be holding a registration and advising help session this Tuesday, April 15, at 11:30 in the LifeMap Commons.