If you’re interested in working ahead, here are the readings and media for week 3 (questions about knowledge).  Subject to change, as always, and I’ll tell you if there are changes.

Please read BEFORE Monday of week 3:

Knowing (Chapter 1 of Blackburn, Think)

Excerpts from Descartes’ First Meditation and excerpts from Berkeley, The Principles of Human Knowledge

(How you say their names: Day-kart=Descartes, Bark-lee=Berkeley)

ENRICHMENT: Descartes, Meditations.

More enrichment: Edmund Gettier, Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?

FUN:  a silly and not completely polite summary of Berkeley from philosophybro.com

BEFORE Wednesday:

Please listen to an interview with Miranda Fricker, discussing her work on epistemic injustice:

http://www.philosophybites.libsyn.com/webpage/category/Miranda%20Fricker (about 15 minutes–you can download it as an MP3)

Fricker references Claude Steele and his work on stereotype threat: here’s a video where he discusses it: http://youtu.be/vvwvvbiwRkg

EDIT: PLEASE ALSO READ THIS three-page paper by Miranda Fricker summarizing her work.