On Monday, 9/22, we will meet in E-230, the E-portfolio lab, to learn how to use Digication, our e-portfolio system.

Please bring your outreach project in progress.  You might be taking notes and drafting your written pieces in a word document, google document, email draft, etc.  Please bring that on a flash drive or be able to download it when you get to the lab.  We’ll work on taking what you have and inserting it into your portfolio in the appropriate places.

On Wednesday, 9/24, we will meet in our usual classroom, and engage with problems associated with the mind and the self.  Please read the appropriate two chapters from Think, along with:

Wittgenstein, The Diary and The Beetle in the Box

Borges, Borges and I

Greg Egan, Dust

Don’t forget!  Your outreach project is due by 9/26 at 11:59 PM.  Simply copy the URL to your outreach project section of your e-portfolio and paste it into an email to me.