In this course, you will do a series of response papers.  You will select six FIVE of the topics we treat this semester in class and write a short (500 words) essay on each of them.

In your essay, you should put forward a point of view reflecting on ideas associated with that topic.  You should draw on material from the readings and media assigned for that topic, the in-class activities assigned for that topic  (typically each topic will get one or two days of class time), other media that might address the topic, and your own experiences.

Drafts of some of these essays will be critiqued by your peers mid-semester and final versions of them will be uploaded to your e-portfolio (note: we’ll work together to create your e-portfolios for this course on March 11, when we’ll meet in the e-portfolio lab).

On 2/23, bring an idea for a response paper on one of the things we will have engaged with by then (such as moral philosophy, knowledge, or mind and self).  Think about which topic you would like to consider, and think about what your “ingredients” will be.  Were you drawn to a particular in-class activity?  Did one of the readings catch your attention?  Did it remind you of something you had read or seen elsewhere?  Do you have a story about your own experiences to share?  Ground your consideration in some element of course material (activities in class, readings/media, or both) but feel free to consider your own opinion, experiences, and outside material.  In class, we will work together on exercises to develop your first response paper.

We will have another writing workshop on 3/9, when you will bring in a draft of one of your response papers and critique your own work and also critique a classmate’s work.  On 3/11, in our e-portfolio workshop, you will get to upload one or more of your response papers to your e-portfolio.

Then, on 3/13, you’ll begin a peer exchange process where you will email a link to your response papers section of your e-portfolio to two classmates (we’ll use a sign up process to select partners) and CC me on the email.  By this point, at least two of your five responses should be completed.  By 3/25, you will respond to the two peers who have signed up to receive feedback from you with constructive criticism on their portfolios, and CC me on the feedback message.