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Readings for week beginning 4/6

Notch, How Piracy Works
Kimberly B. Herman, Who Owns Vernacular Memorial Art? 
Excerpts from Michel Foucault, What is an author? 
The Culture Industry (excerpts) by Adorno and Horkheimer  (As you read this please consider: is Gaye the author of a “discourse” in the sense that Foucault talks about it in the excerpts from What is an author? that we read, linked above?)

This is the video we watched today.  In it is Viktor Frankl, the author of Man’s Search for Meaning.

Hello!  Here are the readings for March 30 and April 1 (next week).

Excerpts from Epictetus, Enchiridion (the link works now!)

Excerpts from Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

Excerpts from Iris Murdoch’s The Idea of Perfection

Remember, no class today!  No class Wednesday either.  This is because we are doing CONFERENCES this week!  Please sign up for your 15-minute conference if you haven’t already.  Don’t forget. the final project proposal email is due on Friday.

First, check out one of the earlier posts on this blog with a description of the response papers and peer exchange process.

Here is the spreadsheet you’ve used to identify the two classmates to whom you are sending your portfolio.  Make sure you also look at the people who have signed up for you to critique their portfolios, and watch for emails from them–they’re probably different from the two people you’re sending your portfolio to.

If you need the steps for e-portfolio, here they are.  I’ve edited them a little bit since Wednesday, to reflect things we talked about in class on Wednesday.

When you deliver feedback to your classmates who have sent you their portfolios, please email the classmate directly and CC me.  This feedback is due by 3/25 at 11:59 PM.  You’re still responsible for offering your classmate feedback, even if they submit their portfolio late, as long as they submit their portfolio to you by 3/18 at 11:59 PM; however, for every day your classmate submitted their portfolio late, you may take an extra day to submit your feedback to them. To aid in your delivering feedback, consider the feedback form you used on Monday as a place to start, but don’t stop there!  Remember, your feedback should be addressed to your classmate whose portfolio you are reading, “Dear Jim, here’s what I thought of your response papers as they appear in your portfolio…” not “Jim’s portfolio includes two response papers…”  You should CC me on the email, but I’m just a spectator.  Remember to be thorough and kind in your feedback.

Spring Break Transfer Workshops

Sign Up Now

Write On!  Advanced Writing for College,

3-4       p.m., Monday, March 16 – Thursday, March 19, B106


Successful Transfer Strategies,

4-5 p.m., Monday, March 16 – Thursday, March 19, B106


Sign up now by emailing with “Accept” in the subject line.  Please specify which workshops.  You are welcome at both.

Whether you have just arrived at BHCC or if you are in your final semester, these workshops will both help you find the right four-year college for you and then succeed in your studies.  We will cover new material each day.  Please attend each day if you possibly can.

Please Join Us

Professor Monica Poole            Professor Wick Sloane

Here are the guidelines for the final project.

Instead of class on March 23 and 25, we will have conferences. Class will not meet.  Instead, you will each have a fifteen minute one-on-one meeting with me.  The intent of this conference is to discuss, refine, and generate ideas for your final project.  We will have a much more productive fifteen minutes if you come to the conference with a few starter ideas for your final project.  This doesn’t mean you should have your ideas finished and perfect–you could walk in with three or four possible final projects, or an idea of a few things that interest you but not a lot of clarity on how to make them into a project.  Just make sure you have material to begin the conversation so we don’t just spend fifteen minutes together staring at the carpet in my office.  🙂

You need to sign up for this conference using this Google spreadsheet.  Please take note of the rules at the top of the spreadsheet and follow them.  If you have any questions about the spreadsheet, or about the conference process, email me!

Sign up for your conference here.

Use this sheet to sign up for your peer exchange process (which will begin March 13, so you should sign up before then).  Put your name beside the two people whom you want to read your portfolio draft (two response papers on your portfolio), and take note of who signs up for your critiques.  Email with any questions.