Instead of class on March 23 and 25, we will have conferences. Class will not meet.  Instead, you will each have a fifteen minute one-on-one meeting with me.  The intent of this conference is to discuss, refine, and generate ideas for your final project.  We will have a much more productive fifteen minutes if you come to the conference with a few starter ideas for your final project.  This doesn’t mean you should have your ideas finished and perfect–you could walk in with three or four possible final projects, or an idea of a few things that interest you but not a lot of clarity on how to make them into a project.  Just make sure you have material to begin the conversation so we don’t just spend fifteen minutes together staring at the carpet in my office.  🙂

You need to sign up for this conference using this Google spreadsheet.  Please take note of the rules at the top of the spreadsheet and follow them.  If you have any questions about the spreadsheet, or about the conference process, email me!

Sign up for your conference here.