Today, Monday, I’ll review the syllabus briefly and take questions, then we’ll each introduce ourselves, also briefly.

On Wednesday, we’ll engage with the three speeches delivered at colleges that were handed out last Wednesday.  If you click on each author’s name, below, you will get an online version of the relevant handout.


James Baldwin, “In Search of A Majority”, adapted from a speech delivered at Kalamazoo College in Michigan, 1960.


Adrienne Rich, “Claiming an Education,” delivered at Douglass College (part of Rutgers University) in New Jersey, 1977.


David Foster Wallace, “This is Water,” delivered at Kenyon College in Ohio, 2005.

Please be advised that there was an error–a post that was meant for a different course blog appeared here on this blog, with “Readings for Week 2” listed. The above (Baldwin, Rich, Wallace) are the correct readings for this week, Week 2.  I apologize for the confusion.