In Week 4, (9/28 and 9/30) we will discuss matters of knowledge. I’m posting this early in case you feel like getting a head start.  I’ll have photocopies to distribute in class next week.

Please read BEFORE Monday, 9/28:

Knowing (Chapter 1 of Blackburn, Think)

Excerpts from Descartes’ First Meditation and excerpts from Berkeley, The Principles of Human Knowledge

(Pronunciations: Descartes=Day-kart, Berkeley=Bark-lee)

Please read BEFORE Wednesday, 9/30:

Miranda Fricker’s Precis on epistemic injustice ; excerpts from Boaventura de Sousa Santos, João Arriscado Nunes, and Maria Paula Meneses, Another Knowledge is Possible

ENRICHMENT: If you want, you can listen to an interview with Miranda Fricker, discussing her work on epistemic injustice.  It’s about 15 minutes–you can download it as an MP3.  If you want to read the entire book chapter from Another Knowledge is Possible from which these excerpts are taken, click here.  The entire book appears to be online here.