Week 5 (10/5 and 10/7) is concerned with that fundamental question, “Who am I?”

On Monday of this week, we will engage with various philosophical perspectives on identity, the self, the mind, and consciousness.

In advance, please read: Chapters 2 and 4 of Blackburn, Think.  Chapter 2 is about the mind, chapter 4 is about the self.  Please also read Ludwig Wittgenstein, “The Diary and The Beetle in the Box” and Jorge Luis Borges, Borges and I.

Handed out in class on Monday 10/5: excerpt from The Questions of King Milinda.  (No need to read the King Milinda reading in advance.)  We might also watch this talk by Julian Baggini.

Wednesday  of this week will be an e-portfolio work day in E-230–learn about e-portfolio as it is used in our course, and spend some hands-on time working on your portfolio and doing some self-fashioning!

ENRICHMENT: Greg Egan, Dust, John Perry, Borges and I and I, Julian Baggini, The Ego Trick. Selections from Sum, by David Eagleman, Owen Flanagan, The Really Hard Problem: Making Meaning in a Material World