Today, we’re engaging with epistemic justice and epistemic injustice–the places where epistemology (the study of knowledge) and political philosophy (the study of power) come together.

I’m planning to engage with these in the context of disability (among other contexts) inspired by a short conversation in the 2:30 section on Monday.  Here’s an article about Nihal Armstrong, whose story I might mention as an example of testimonial injustice.  Here’s the introduction to the Disability Studies Reader, which can be a helpful work for thinking philosophically about disability.  And here’s a PDF of an older edition of the Disability Studies Reader.  You might also be interested in On Blindness, letters by Bryan Magee and Martin Milligan.  Just to be clear, these are intended as resources if you’re interested in exploring this more after class–there’s no way I expect you to read these before class, or even to read them at all if you’re not particularly interested in this topic.