Don’t forget!  On Wednesday, 10/14, you should please bring in a draft of ONE of your response papers.  Bring in TWO printed copies of your draft.  That day, we will do a writing workshop, and you will give and receive peer critiques on the drafts.

Here are the guidelines for the response paper, copied from the syllabus.

You will select three of the readings we treat this semester in class and write a short (300-500 words) essay on each of them.  In your essay, you should summarize the reading and engage with it.  You might disagree and argue against the point of view of the author, or you might agree and build on the author’s perspective or apply it to a real-life situation or relate it to something else you have read/watched/listened to.  Drafts of some of these essays will be critiqued by your peers mid-semester and final versions of them will be uploaded to your e-portfolio.  (More about the e-portfolio below.)  Three are required, but you may do two additional papers for extra credit (so, five total).

Here are several examples of response papers from last semester’s students in Philosophy 101.  You might need to log in to Digication to see these, and then click the link here again once you have logged in. You can log in with your BHCC email address and password.  Their prompts were a little different from yours, but similar enough that these might still be good models.  You can see that there are a variety of good ways to approach these papers.  (This portfolio won the grand prize the college-wide e-portfolio contest last year!) (This portfolio won first prize in a category of the college-wide e-portfolio contest last year!)