I’ve received some questions on the final project–thanks to everyone who is asking questions and communicating with me!  I’m going to put some of the answers to generally relevant questions here, as a set of “frequently asked questions.”

Do I need citations?

Yes!  Parenthetical citations like (Alcoff, p. 98) are fine, as are footnotes.  But citations are absolutely necessary.  You will need a works cited page as well as parenthetical or footnote citations in the text of your paper.

Which citation format should I use?  MLA, APA, Chicago…?

I don’t care.  Just use some format and use it consistently, so I can find whatever you’re referencing.

What if I’m over or under the word limit?

In general, if you’re over or under by 10% or less (so, if our paper is 2000-2500 words,this would apply if you’re over or under by 200-250 words) don’t worry too much about it.  If you’re over or under by greater than that, let’s talk.  If you’re way over, you may need to do an edit for concision, so you say more with fewer words.  If you’re way under, you might need to add another dimension to your paper.  (DON’T PAD IT WITH EXTRA BABBLING WORDS!  That’s not good for your argument.)

In general, please ask me if you have questions about this project!  I’ll update this as I get more questions.