Yesterday, the College was closed due to a snowstorm.  As a result we missed our class.  I’ve made some revisions to our schedule for the next few weeks to accommodate it.  I’ve edited the syllabus that is online (accessible in an earlier post on this site) to reflect these changes, and I’ve also copied and pasted the revision below.

Week 4: (2/8 and 2/10): How do you know?  How is knowledge produced and constructed?

MONDAY: Snow day!

WEDNESDAY: Some philosophical perspectives on knowing and doubt.

Please read before Wednesday:

Knowing (Chapter 1 of Blackburn, Think)

Excerpts from Descartes’ First Meditation and excerpts from Berkeley, The Principles of Human Knowledge

(Pronunciations: Descartes=Day-kart, Berkeley=Bark-lee)

Week 5 (2/15 and 2/17): Epistemology continued

Monday: NO CLASS due to Presidents’ Day

Wednesday: Epistemic justice and injustice

Miranda Fricker Precis paper on Epistemic Injustice ; excerpts from Boaventura de Sousa Santos et al, Another Knowledge is Possible

OPTIONAL: If you like, you may listen to an interview with Miranda Fricker, discussing her work on epistemic injustice: (about 15 minutes–you can download it as an MP3)


Week 6 (2/22 and 2/24) : Building capacities/Mind and self

MONDAY: e-portfolio work day in E-230–learn about e-portfolio as it is used in our course, and spend some hands-on time working on your portfolio and doing some self-fashioning!

WEDNESDAY: Mind and self  

Perspectives on identity, the self, the mind, and consciousness.

Chapters 2 and 4 of Blackburn, Think.  Chapter 2 is about the mind, chapter 4 is about the self.  Please also read  Ludwig Wittgenstein, “The Diary and The Beetle in the Box” and Jorge Luis Borges, “Borges and I”.

Handed out in class: excerpt from The Questions of King Milinda.


Week 7 (2/29 and 3/2):  Building capacities/Power and privilege

MONDAY: Writing workshop!  Be ready to work together to develop skills to succeed in the response papers and other writing in the course!  Bring a draft of a response paper from the weeks we have done so far and we will work together on it in class.
READ BEFORE MONDAY: Lao Tzu, excerpt from Tao Te Ching, Audre Lorde, “Age, Race, Class, and Sex,” bell hooks, excerpts from Feminism is for Everybody, excerpts on whiteness and invisibility (Yancy, Ahmed, Ellison, et al.)

MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY: Power and privilege discussions