Today, we will discuss the mind and the self.  You’ll have read the excerpts by Ludwig Wittgenstein and Jorge Luis Borges for today, as well as two chapters from Think.

In class, we might watch some or all of these videos:

Nick Bostrom, What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?

Julian Baggini, Is there a real you?

John Searle’s Chinese Room Experiment (from 60-second adventures in thought)


I’ll also distribute this handout, from The Questions of King Milinda (from approximately 100 BCE) and we will discuss it briefly.


Remember, on Monday (2/29) we will have our writing workshop on your response papers.  You must bring in two printed copies of your first response paper.  We will work on them together in class, in pairs and small groups.  This will be intended to provide you some suggestions for ways to improve your work.