Register for the BHCC event with Sybrina Fulton!  This is optional, but looks very very interesting, and there will be an extra credit opportunity attached to it.image001.jpg

If you attend the event, you may do the following activity for extra credit.

Read Melissa Harris-Perry’s Letter to Sybrina Fulton.  Then, write a letter of 250-500 words to Sybrina Fulton, similar to Harris-Perry’s letter.  In your letter, please specifically address either something that she says on campus during her visit on Thursday, March 24, or one of the questions raised by the students in the Q&A portion of her talk.  Please also integrate an idea you have encountered in our course this semester so far (including the readings for the week of 3/28, if you so choose).  Email your letter to me by Thursday, March 31 at 11:59 PM, and also create a new section on your e-portfolio marked “Extra credit” and place your letter there.  If you do this well, at the end of the semester, your participation grade for the entire course will be raised by one third of one letter grade (in other words, a B would become a B+).