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Don’t forget: today we meet in E-230, the e-portfolio lab, for peer critique and workshopping of your e-portfolios.


Here are the sign up sheets for presentations.  Your presentation should be a 3-5 minute presentation offering the “highlights” of your e-portfolio, including  but not limited to your final project.  These will be timed.  There will be 3-5 minutes for Q&A after your presentation.  In your presentation, you will use your in-progress e-portfolio to “show and tell” some of your favorite parts of your work from this course.  Your final project should be the featured element of your presentation, but it should not be the entire content of your presentation.

The “don’t steal someone else’s spot” and related rules for conferences apply here.

You are signing up for a day, not for a specific timeslot or order within the day.  In other words, you are signing up to present on April 25, not to present first, or last, or second, or whatever, on April 25.  We will decide the order on each day of the presentations.

Only some spots on each day are open now.  Once those are full on all four days, I will open up the blacked-out spots on each day.  This is to ensure that we have an adequate number of presentations each day.

Please try to arrive to class a few minutes early on the day of your presentation.

VERY IMPORTANT: make sure you use the sign-up sheet appropriate to your section of the course (1:00 PM or 2:30 PM).

1:00 PM

2:30 PM

Here is a link to the interview of Cornel West that we watched a few minutes from today.

There was a question in the 2:30 class about what Cornel West meant when he referenced the blues.  This is an example of blues music, by one of my favorite singers, Bessie Smith, “After You’ve Gone”.  Blues music evolved over time–a slightly later musician was Muddy Waters.  Here’s a recording of his “I can’t be satisfied”  And finally, here is an article by Lewis R. Gordon on the intersections between philosophy and the blues.

Please use this spreadsheet to sign up for your conference for the week beginning April 11.

The same rules apply here as for the previous conference.

These conferences are for problems and support.  When you come to your conference, bring a specific problem you’re encountering in your final project, and we will work on it together.

Now that we’ve worked together to develop some of the tools and sensibilities of philosophy, what should we do as philosophers?  That’s what we’ll be considering this coming week (beginning April 4).

Please read the following two articles.

Excerpts from Utopia by Thomas More

“Intellectuals and Power”: A conversation between two 20th century philosophers